What makes a Subaru Safe?

The world is beginning to notice the Subaru EyeSight TechnologyOffering greater peace of mind and convenience, our models with the Subaru EyeSight driver assist technology, received the highest possible rating for front crash prevention from IIHS.

Like a second pair of eyes for the road ahead,  EyeSight is a set of four technology that warns you when there's potential danger, and can even apply brakes to help you avoid it.

When the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety tested front crash prevention, Subaru models with eyesight got the highest possible score.  Not Toyota or Ford or any other brands. 

pre-collision braking

Pre Collision braking can help prevent rear-ending the car ahead.
As the car is in motion, eyesight is constantly watching engaging the distance to objects within its field of view ahead. 
Let's say that the car ahead suddenly slows down, eyesight analyzes the closing speed, and will sound an alert and flash a visual warning if there's a danger of a collision.

If the driver doesn't hit the brakes eyesight will do it for you, applying the brakes automatically and bringing the car to a full stop if necessary.

pre-collision throttle

Pre-collision throttle management can help avoid accidentally accelerating into something ahead.
Suppose the Subaru is stuck behind another car, waiting to merge onto a busy highway,  and looking for a space in traffic. With EyeSight, if the Subaru driver starts to accelerate thinking the car ahead is already gone, the system can spot the danger and dramatically reduce the throttle to limit the cars acceleration.

EyeSight can significantly cut the throttle which will allow the driver more time to see the problem and stop the vehicle.

adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control is there for those times when highway traffic doesn't flow smoothly.
Like conventional cruise control the driver activates the system and sets the speed with the steering wheel switch.
But since traffic rarely travels at a constant pace, EyeSight adjusts with it,  It will automatically maintained set following distance. Smoothly breaking if traffic flows, and accelerating back up to the set speed when it clears. There's little need to modulate the brake and gas just let EyeSight's do the work.

Adaptive cruise control will even work on stop and go highway traffic when the car ahead breaks Eyesight does too.Right down to a standstill.

Lane departure and sway warning

Lane departure and sway warning alerts the driver if the car starts to drift from its lane.
As the car is in motion EyeSight looks ahead, identifying lane markings on the road. If the vehicle begins to leave its lanes without signaling, beeps will sound and a warning will appear on the dash to alert the
driver so they can steer the car to correct its course.

Drifting back and forth in the lane will also trigger EyeSight to sound the lane sway warning.  Lane Keep Assist will step in to gently help steer the vehicle back into it's lane.

EyeSight is not a substitute for safe driving but it will afford you an extra level of awareness.

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