Subaru Vehicles Have Legendary Safety

Subaru vehicles are known for their capabilities, but they have also become famous for their safety. It is the only manufacturer that has received the title of IIHS Top Safety Pick for every one of its models for three years and counting. Safety is an integral part of each vehicle's design. Here at Wackerli Subaru, we think this amazing safety is part of what makes these vehicles so popular with families in Idaho Falls, ID.

Top Safety Pick Award 2012

Control and Braking

Most Subaru vehicles are equipped with Vehicle Dynamics Control, which provides additional stability and control. It monitors driver input and determines whether the vehicle is doing what the driver intended. If the vehicle begins to lose stability, this system adjusts the ADW torque distribution, engine output, and brakes for each wheel to ensure that the vehicle stays on track and the driver stays in control.

When the vehicle is braking, the Anti-Lock Braking system pulses the brake power to keep the wheels from locking, while the Electronic Brake-force Distribution distributes brake force between the front and back wheels depending on how the vehicle is loaded. And for a little extra help, the Brake Assist system makes sure that enough pressure is applied to the brakes for quick stopping.

VDC, ABS, EBD and Brake Assist standard on:
All Subaru models except BRZ

Protective Systems

Subaru vehicles are equipped with a number of systems designed to protect drivers and passengers in the event of a crash. There is a reinforcement frame that is designed to protect in a high-impact scenario. Some models have six airbags available that deploy upon impact to provide maximum protection. Even the engine is designed for protection; its low placement lets it slide under the chassis during a front-end collision for extra protection.

Subaru EyeSight?

Subaru EyeSight is an incredible system that acts as a second set of eyes on the road looking out for you. It uses cameras to monitor traffic and react to that traffic if the driver doesn't react quickly enough. It warns the driver when a collision is likely, and then applies the brakes on its own to make sure the crash is avoided.

Available on:2015LegacyandOutbackLimited models only.