Wackerli Subaru is proud to sponsor the Snake River Animal Shelter of Idaho Falls, ID.

Unlike other animal shelter facilities in the area, the Snake River Animal Shelter (SRAS) will provide a longer opportunity for animals to be adopted, thus avoiding the need for euthanasia.

This unique place will not only offer adoption services, but grooming services, a pet store, and a place for the animals to socialize with each other.

A walking path around 16 acres of scenic property for the community to enjoy will be provided and eventually connected to the Idaho Falls Greenbelt. Education will be a large part of the existence of this facility. Teens will be invited to participate in the care and feeding of the shelter animals. Senior citizens will be the guests of the shelter as well, participating in programs that include the animals.
This is the future of the Snake River Animal Shelter.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Snake River Animal Shelter is to save animal lives by promoting quality care and compassion and building a shelter that will serve the upper Snake River valley.

The new SRAS facility will be located on a 16 acre property on Lindsay Boulevard, across the river from Freeman Park.
The building is 7,300 sq ft and will include separate quarters for cats, small dogs, and large dogs. It will include a puppy play pen as well as a cat flat and cat condos.

the facility will feature "get acquainted rooms" so people have a place to take time to get to know the animals as they try to find their perfect match.

The facility will also include classroom space, and a quarantine area for new animals coming in.