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Snake River Animal Shelter in Idaho Falls, ID

Every year, Snake River Animal Shelter is responsible for the adoption of countless dogs and cats in Idaho. Their mission is to improve and save animal lives by promoting quality care and compassion through adoption, and they're the only non-profit animal sheltering facility serving all of East Idaho. Our Subaru dealership in Idaho Falls, ID, is proud to support this great local animal shelter and do what we can to ensure every critter finds a forever home as soon as possible.

The Snake River Animal Shelter in Idaho Falls provides a longer opportunity for animals to be adopted, avoiding the need for euthanasia. In addition to animal adoption services, this East Idaho animal shelter also provides grooming services, a local pet store and a place for animals to socialize with each other. They also provide dog training services and help pair animals with veterans and those with disabilities.

Idaho K-9 Academy

Launched recently, the Idaho K-9 Academy is a dog behavioral training program that will serve shelter animals, owned dogs, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. Through this program, the animal shelter provides basic training and is able to serve those with disabilities or suffering from PTSD.

Directions to Snake River Animal Shelter

Snake River Animal Shelter is located at 3000 Lindsay Boulevard in Idaho Falls, ID. At Wackerli Subaru, we're happy to support this great organization and make it possible for so many animals to find loving homes every year. If you're looking to adopt a cat or dog in Idaho and need a nearby humane animal shelter you can trust, be sure to visit Snake River Animal Shelter!