Compact SUV Showdown: Subaru Forester or Honda CRV

honda vs subaru If you are looking for the best cars for camping, you have plenty of choices. The two that stand above the rest, however, are the Subaru Forester and the Honda CRV. Both are compact sports utility vehicles and have many similarities. But what sets them apart from each other?


Though they are priced similarly, the Subaru takes the edge here, starting at almost $2,000 less than the Honda. It also comes standard with an all-wheel-drive system, unlike the Honda.


Both competitors put up a solid fight here. When it comes to Honda Vs Subaru in a reliability contest, it's hard to give the edge to either due to their highly regaled reputation for ruggedness. Still, 98% of Subarus sold in the last decade are still being driven today, according to 2017 IHS Market data.

Also, if you are going to be using this car for camping, you will likely need reliability both on and off the road. Subaru is the clear winner in these circumstances.

Front Wheel Drive Vs All Wheel Drive Vs Four Wheel Drive

The Honda comes standard with front-wheel drive, which is the case for most non-performance oriented cars. The Subaru comes standard with all-wheel drive, a definite upgrade in terms of off-road uses. Perhaps surprisingly, though, there's a big difference between all-wheel and four-wheel drive systems.

Four-wheel drive gives the driver more control over whether the power is going to the front or rear wheels. This is better for more difficult offroading. All-wheel drive systems vary in complexity and customizability, but they typically don't allow you to decide where to send the power. In the Forester, however, 20% of the power is always directed to the rear wheels, and more will be sent if the conditions call for it.

Honda CRV or Subaru Forester

Choosing a winner in this Honda Vs Subaru showdown is tough. It truly does depend on what you will be using the vehicle for. The truth is, if you plan to do any offroading beyond the occasional gravelly road, the Subaru will work better for you. Getting a front wheel drive car (that costs more money) to use off road is not the best idea. For that reason, and the fact that Subaru is renowned for ruggedness in these situations, give the Forester the edge overall.


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