3 Compelling Reasons To Invest In A Subaru As Your Next Vehicle

symmetrical all wheel driveAre you sick and tired of trying to navigate your vehicle on the roads during snowy and icy conditions? Do you feel like you need a sturdy and rugged vehicle that can handle anything Mother Nature throws at it with ease? If so, a Subaru may be the right vehicle for you. Aside from their ruggedness and durability, various Subaru models, including the Subaru Impreza, the Subaru Legacy, the Subaru Forester, and the Subaru WRX, have a number of unique advantages that make them superior to other manufacturers and models. Here are just a few compelling reasons to consider investing in a Subaru as your next vehicle.

Superior Handling
Many people are familiar with the term 'all wheel drive,' but not everyone is familiar with the term 'symmetrical all wheel drive.' Simply put, symmetrical all wheel drive is not adapted from the traditional two wheel drive system; rather, it's system supplies linear power to all wheels as opposed to traveling through several 90-degree turns in an adapted system. Symmetrical all wheel drive also prevents torque steer and helps to Subaru maintain its full power during turns. This system is always on and helping to optimize handling, balance, and overall driver control.

Advanced Safety Features
Safety is a critical component of any vehicle design, and Subarus are designed with safety in mind every step of the way. For example, the placement of the Subaru's unique boxer engine is designed to be driven under the chassis in the event of a front-end collision, which reduces the chances of severe injury. Furthermore, Subarus are equipped with advanced airbag systems that optimize safety and protection, with some models featuring up to eight airbags and including a rollover sensor.

Boxer Engine
2016 set a record of 17.6 million cars and trucks sold in the United States, but not many have the engine capabilities of a Subaru. Briefly mentioned above, the unique boxer engine design helps to maximize vehicle lifespan while improving handling as well. In fact, its one-of-a-kind design creates less wear-and-tear when the engine is started.

Ultimately, Subaru was named Kelley Blue Book's 2017 Most Trusted Brand, Best Overall Brand, and lowest 5-Year Cost to Own. Understanding these distinct benefits can help you choose the vehicle that's right for you.


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