5 Fun Facts About Subaru You Never Knew

subaru dealershipEverybody knows Subaru reliability is unmatched by any four-wheel drive vehicle. The rugged, small off-roader is a niche market no other car maker has been able to top Subaru in. While this is a huge selling point alone, there are many things the average consumer doesn't know about Subaru that make owning one even better. 
  1. Critical Acclaim
    In 2017, Subaru was given three awards from renowned car valuation magazine Kelly Blue Book. Subaru is the Most Trusted Brand, Best Overall Brand, and has the lowest five year Cost To Own. 

  2. Pedigree
    Offroad rally racing is where the Subaru Impreza became the Subaru STI. Since 1973, Subaru has won 47 World Rally Championships proving performance is just part of its identity. 

  3. Origin
    The six-star insignia that makes the memorable brand image for Subaru is an ode to the Pleiades, a star cluster in the Taurus constellation. Taurus, when translated from Japanese to English, is Subaru. Born of the hope and wonder shared by stargazers everywhere, Subaru has become something lasting and loved by many. 

  4. Technology
    A boxer engine is fitted to every single car Subaru makes. In this type of engine, the pistons fire horizontally. This does three different things at the same time. First, a horizontal piston layout makes the power flow directly into the transmission. Second, it makes the center of gravity lower, which gives better handling and stability. Third, in the event of a front-end collision, the engine is positioned low enough that it will go underneath the driver and front passenger instead of into them. Safety coupled with performance is a Subaru staple. 

  5. How Reliable?
    Of course, we know Subaru builds cars to last. Well, you probably didn't know that out of all cars they have made in the last 12 years, 96% are still on the road. That is an unprecedented level of reliability. 
When considering the best new cars, stop by a Subaru dealership to browse the world's most trusted and best overall brand. You will get to test drive your very own WRX at our Subaru dealership as well as learn more about Subaru's racing and reliability pedigree. Come in today and drive away smiling. 


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